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Basingstoke Exhibition


Buttermere DawnJust had this image accepted for the Basingstoke Exhibition. My second BPE point. At this rate I could be drawing my pension before I earn my BPE1*.

For background information, BPE stands for British Photographic Exhibitions.  A list of all the exhibitions can be found at Each submitted image is judged by a panel of three judges each awarding a maximum of five point. To have an acceptance at an exhibition you need to be awarded a minimum of 12 points (you can submit up to four images in any one section – eg ‘Open Colour’, ‘Monochrome’ etc).  The judges only have a few seconds to view each image so it has to have some impact on them to be anywhere near the minimum acceptance mark.  You can enter the  image in different exhibitions but not to the same exhibition in the future. Once you start gaining acceptances and have an idea of what the judges like you can be more selective about your entries and hopefully gain more acceptances for each exhibition (more cost-effective!). After 25 acceptances you earn your BPE1*. Once you get to 300 acceptances then it is the BPE5*….and there are some people who achieve this but 1* would suit me fine for now….

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